Matthew McConaughey gives Justin Bieber shirtless advice: 'It's your shirt'

There are some out there who might have a problem with Justin Bieber's recent onslaught of shirtlessness, but not Matthew McConaughey. The reigning king of all things shirtless was asked about Bieber's antics during a recent interview, and he didn't seem to see what all the fuss is about.

"He keeps doing it in airports though, right?" McConaughey asks MTV News when the topic was brought up. He clarifies, "I'm not saying you've got to wear a shirt in an airport -- especially, I think he's flying private. He can wear whatever he wants."

Since Bieber is getting a lot of heat for his continuous string of shirtless selfies, McConaughey offers up his advice for the young pop star: "It's appropriate wherever you say it's appropriate. It's your shirt."

That's sage advice if we ever heard it, but it's still a little strange that Bieber keeps taking the time to show the world his shirtless self, even if he's in the hospital. With that being said, it would definitely be awesome to see McConaughey and Bieber get in some quality beach time together.

Photo/Video credit: MTV News/Getty Images/Instagram