Meet Jasmine Villegas: Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up because of her?

bieber-baby-screengrab.jpgTwitter is all a-twitter with rumors again! Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up? MTV UK is saying that Biebs and Selena have decided to "cool off" their relationship for a while.

jasmine-villegas.jpgNow, we're hearing reports that Selena called it quits after finding out that Justin was still sending texts to former love interest Jasmine Villegas. Now, if you don't remember Jasmine, you've obviously been cured of your Bieber Fever -- she's the girl from the "Baby" video, who has a dance-off with Justin at the bowling alley and then takes a romantic escalator ride with him.

Oh, young love.

Villegas, who actually resembles Selena in many ways, is launching her own music career with her latest song "Natural" from her album "All These Boys." Just 16, Villegas is also a model and an actress.

With all do respect to VIllegas, we're hoping these rumors aren't true! Bieb and Selena are too cute together... plus, nobody likes a boy who sends shady texts. Even if he is the biggest (tiniest) pop star on the planet.