Melissa George on her 'Hunted' role: 'If it's that great, I'm not going to get it'

melissa-george-hunted.jpgZap2it: You've done spy series work before, in "Alias." What made you want to tackle it again in "Hunted"?

Melissa George: I'm someone who just reads the script, and if it's a great piece, I'm in. Sometimes you'll think, "Who's the network?" but usually, it doesn't occur to me. To me, it's an issue of, "Is this a great role? Do I want to be her for the next few years?"

Zap2it: As a world traveler yourself, though, was the "Hunted" involvement of England's BBC important to you?

Melissa George: What was lovely about shooting in Europe and having the co-production situation is that you've got the world view balanced with the American pace and writing and marketing. And there's also that European touch that Americans love to watch, so I felt like I was working for the best of both sides.

Zap2it: In the first 15 minutes of the "Hunted" premiere, your character is shot twice, and that's just the beginning of the action for you. Were you ready for that from the start?

Melissa George: My agents called me while I was walking in New York, and they said, "Are you sitting down? No pressure, but we have found the best role for you." And my instant thought was, "If it's that great, I'm not going to get it."

Then I thought if I could take the joy I had in playing someone like my character in "In Treatment" and put that in the espionage world, I'd be the luckiest girl alive, so I felt very motivated to get the part.
Photo/Video credit: Cinemax