Mike O'Malley on 'Glee' son Kurt and getting dumped by 'Parenthood's Lauren Graham

mike-omalley-vid.jpgMike O'Malley has had a very busy year. In fact, he's having a busy week -- on Tuesday, April 27, he appears on both FOX juggernaut "Glee" as Burt, Kurt's dad, and as Jim, Lauren Graham's mostly off-again love interest on NBC's "Parenthood."

"I'm just trying to age as ungracefully as I can in front of the nation," O'Malley told Zap2it at the "Glee" Spring Premiere Soiree in Hollywood. We'd argue that O'Malley showcases plenty of grace in the "Glee" episode, "Home," in which he and Chris Colfer deftly portray the delicate relationship between a gruff single father and his gay son.

"There's a lot at stake in their relationship and [we're] trying to show other people how it can be, in a positive way," O'Malley says. "I'm not saying hey, let's go to Greenwich Village and be in the parade. This is very very difficult, but he loves his son."

As for "Parenthood," O'Malley scoffs. "Every time I'm on that show, Lauren Graham breaks up with me. I hope to God she comes to her senses and realizes I am what she needs."

Don't miss the video below to hear O'Malley tell us about the possibility of Burt breaking into song.

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