Miley Cyrus denies breast implant rumor: 'These babies are mine'

miley-cyrus-cnn-gi.jpgAs we reported earlier this week, Miley Cyrus showed up for Sunday's (Dec. 11) CNN Heroes ceremony with her girls in full effect -- meaning she left nothing to the imagination in a plunging -- and stunning -- Roberto Cavalli gown.

Which, of course, was enough to set the Twitter-sphere afire with speculation about whether the 19-year-old pop singer had surgical implants.

Cyrus, though, is shutting those rumors down, tweeting, "Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realise [sic, apparently Miley favors the British spelling] you don't have to be fake to be beautiful!"

She continues: "'I'm 19! Boobs Grow People!"

Indeed. Way back in the stone ages (1998) a teenaged Britney Spears was also the subject of speculation when she seemed to, umm, develop overnight. Reps at the time also played the "boobs grow" card, though not in precisely those words. "Friends" later confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine that Spears underwent breast enhancement at 17, but later had the implants removed.

But listen, we think 17-year-old inexplicable it-girl Courtney Stodden may have the means to put this rumor to rest forever: Cyrus should just pop over to "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers" for an on-air ultrasound.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images