'Modern Family': Co-creator Steve Levitan teases what's to come

modern-family-paley-fest-320.jpg"Modern Family." PaleyFest 2010 truly couldn't have picked a better show to kick start the two-week event.

Friday (Feb. 26) night, The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills -- the biggest venue the festival has ever seen -- was packed solid with screaming fans that went wild for the cast and co-creator of the show.

This past fall saw the arrival of many fantastic new series, but "Modern Family" is at the very top of my own personal list. 

Fans at Friday's festivities were treated to a brand new episode which could arguably be the best half hour of the sitcom so far. And so very fun to watch it with a theater full of adoring viewers who were roaring laughter. 

The upcoming ep, titled "Fears," is scheduled to air Mar. 10 and will find Haley attempting to get her driver's license ... for the third time. Phil will be acting like the scared fool that he is after he somehow promises Luke a father-son expedition underneath the house. And Cam and Mitchell go a little crazy when Lily's pediatrician comes over for dinner and seems to bond with their baby girl in a way they simply can't. 

It's pure comedy.

Highlights: Cam's hysteria, the pediatrician's exit from their house and some parking lot dance moves from Claire. Plus, what Haley does when she returns from her driving test is roll-on-the-floor funny. 

I had the pleasure of spending a little one-on-one time with co-creator Steve Levitan, one of the brilliant men behind "Modern Family," before watching this spectacular episode and he was kind enough to tease to a couple other things that are coming up on the show.

Take a look...  

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