MTV VMAs: Miley Cyrus didn't shock Will Smith, Lady Gaga did

While most of the world was perplexed and sort of terrified by  Miley Cyrus's performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Will Smith and his family weren't necessarily part of that group. A photo quickly went viral, showing the Smith clan with horrified looks on their faces, believed to be reacting to Miley. However, it seems the still is actually from the show opening, featuring Lady Gaga.

Gaga's performance wasn't quite as scandalous as Miley's, but did end with the singer wearing nothing more than strategically placed seashells, which she kept on for the rest of the show.

It was Miley who caught the most criticism after the show ended, with many of her moments instantly becoming GIFs used as examples of what not to do at an awards show performance. Regardless of the reaction, the performance hasn't necessarily hurt as two of Miley's singles currently sit in the iTunes Top 10, while her album is sitting pretty in the number four spot, even though it won't be out until October.
Photo/Video credit: MTV