Nancy O'Dell may watch 'Scream 4' with her eyes covered

nancy-odell.jpgWhy is Nancy O'Dell appearing in yet another "Scream" movie? Does she enjoy torturing herself? The gorgeous entertainment journalist confessed to me that she is absolutely terrified by horror movies and can only watch them with her eyes covered. So what gives?

"The irony of being a part of three "Scream" movies is I'm one of those people who sits in scary movies with her hands over her eyes," she admits to The Dish Rag. "But the best thing about the "Scream" movies is they add humor, which means I can actually watch the scenes I'm in."

"Scream 4" opens in March 2011. We can't wait to see how much of it she'll be able to watch.

In the meantime, Nancy is preparing to co-host OWN's (Oprah Winfrey's Network) series called "Your Own Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star."