'NCIS'' Michael Weatherly: Ziva's a sociopath, I would not say she's a good mate

michael-weatherly-ncis-paley-320.jpgMichael Weatherly is a funny dude.

Moments after he arrived on the red carpet for Monday night's "NCIS" PaleyFest panel, he grabbed the cardboard cutout of Pauley Perrette (Abby) -- who was unable to attend due to other work commitments -- and struck a pose with it. 

But by the time he came over to chat with KTV he had ditched his little friend. So what gives?

"Well, Pauley, she wanted to get a drink," Weatherly (Tony on the CBS hit) jokes in the clip below. "Who am I to stop a cardboard cutout from getting a drink?"

This was cool with us, because we actually had serious business to discuss with Weatherly. After talking with Cote de Pablo (Ziva) and hearing her thoughts on what she believes went down between Tony and Ziva in Paris recently, we wanted to get his take on the situation.

So what does he think happened between them?

"Most of [my theory] I have to keep to myself, but I do think there was a tremendous amount of fun that they had together," he says. "I would argue Ziva had more fun with Tony than she thought she was going to have, which maybe shocked her a little bit. She was so angry with him when he killed her boyfriend last year -- [Laughs] Is this 'Young and the Restless' or 'NCIS'? -- And so I think that they are definitely-- I'm not sure either of them really knows entirely what happened that night in Paris."

And while Tony and Ziva might want to take their relationship further, what about the rules Gibbs has? No. 12 specifically states that co-workers can't date, so how would the two get around that?

"You adhere to the rules or else something terrible happens to you," Weatherly insists. "Remember Lauren Holly played the director? Bullet to the head. Sasha Alexander played Caitlin Todd? Bullet to the head. Liza Lapira played Agent Lee? Bullet to the head. Agent Cassidy played by Jessica Steen? Bomb, but still: Death."

So does that mean fans of "Tiva" should be hoping they don't get together? Michael thinks that Tony might be able to find a way around those infamous rules and he reviews his options in the video.

Still, is Tony really mature enough for any sort of adult relationship?

"Now wait a minute," he said when we broached the subject. "I take issue with the question... You're defending the Mossad assassin against an all-American guy who just wants to have cheeseburgers and french fries? I mean, what's the worst thing about Tony? He's like 10 pounds overweight? She kills people for a living! And everyone's like, well don't you think he's a little immature? It's like, well, one of them has a moral code and the other one is a complete, you know, what would she be? An anarchist? Come on! She's a female James Bond. She's a sociopath. I would not say that she is a good mate. Having said that, she is very sexy and would probably be a nice partner, in her way."

See for yourself...

I mean, that guy is not good looking nor funny in the least.



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