Neal Bledsoe: 'Ugly Betty' actor is the new Old Spice guy in (really gross) international ad

There is a new Old Spice guy in town -- though he's technically abroad.

The company has hired Canadian-born Neal Bledsoe to shill its decidedly less romantic "Danger Zone" line of products. And though he's not easy to recognize under that 'stache, we remember Bledsoe from his recurring role as Judith Light's illegitimate son Tyler during the final season of "Ugly Betty."

He's also appeared in episodes of "Gossip Girl" (smooching Chuck Bass), "Blue Bloods," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Body of Proof." This latest gig finds him heroically, and disgustingly, being mauled by animals and impaled by a tree branch, leaving him as some sort of zombie pitchman by the end of the 30-second spot. (It's not exactly "tickets to that thing you love," but whatever works.)

Fans of the original Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, might be distressed by the new ad, but fear not. Old Spice tells Blame it on the Voices this campaign is strictly for international markets.

We'd ask why Mustafa isn't good enough for an international run, but we're just thankful we don't have to see him eaten alive by piranhas...

Photo/Video credit: Old Spice