New 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka IS Chuck Norris

jake-pavelka-walker-texas-ranger.jpgNew 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's first foray onto the small screen was not on "The Bachlorette." Video below.

Back in 1999, under the stage name Jake Landrum, newest ABC 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka played a young Cordell Walker on the "Walker: Texas Ranger" episode "Team Cherokee: Part I."

Apparently, Chuck Norris liked what he saw because Jake was AGAIN cast as a younger version of a Norris character in made-for-TV movie "The President's Man." Hee!

Does this mean we can start saying Chuck Norris-type things about Jake Pavelka?

the-presidents-man.jpg--When Jake Pavelka calls 1-900 numbers, he doesn't get charged. He holds up the phone and money falls out.

--Jake Pavelka doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

--Jake Pavelka can sneeze with his eyes open.

--When "Team Cherokee: Part I" was aired in France, the French surrendered to Jake Pavelka just to be on the safe side.

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Photo credit: CBS