'New Girl': Nick and Jess' first fight (not caused by Schmidt) in 'The Box'

It had to happen sooner or later -- Nick and Jess had their first fight on "New Girl." This of course does not count revenge fights instigated by Schmidt. We're talking about the real thing, about serious relationship issues.

They fought over "The Box."

Where did Nick's dad get that money come from anyway?

The whole thing begins with a shady guy showing up at the loft door with an old paper sack full of money. Apparently, this is how someone like Nick's dad does his bequests.

Now, Nick has $8000 and isn't very good about spending it. Winston wants Nick to pay back the $1900 that his roommate owes him. Jess thinks that Nick might want to consider paying the literally hundreds of bills that have been shoved in a box.

But Nick uses this box to forget about things he doesn't like. Sorting through it would ruin that.

This is where things get tough in relationships, when one person wants to forget about their own problems, and the other one wants everyone to stay out of debtors' prison (do they still have that?). Jess secretly pays Nick's bills while her boyfriend is out drinking and buying photos of himself.

Nick does not respond well when he finds out. In fact, the couple has its first fight over privacy and how partners always want to change each other and night peanuts and so on.

Fortunately, we are way too early into this "New Girl" relationship to have Jess and Nick break up. Jess instead decides to accept this eccentricity of Nick's, while Nick goes to open a bank account. A few financial hiccups aside, and all is well in dating land!

Schmidt explores the nature of goodness

Having blown his relationships with Cece and Elizabeth due to selfishness, Schmidt spends "The Box" obsessed with becoming a good person. He doesn't go out and perform selfless acts or anything, of course. This is Schmidt. He just forces everyone to talk to him about it.

Following the advice of a random rabbi (played by Jon Lovitz), Schmidt is trying to do good when a bike messenger chokes on gum in front of him. Schmidt saves the guy's life with a little CPR and feels very good about himself for awhile.

But it doesn't last. Happy feelings never do when external reinforcement is required to generate them.

Schmidt's mission changes when he goes to the hospital to visit the bike messenger. Pretty much ignoring the guy's injuries, Schmidt forces the man to compliment him. Perhaps this isn't helpful though -- Schmidt spies a guy who was injured while trying to raise money for sick kids.

If bad things happen to good people, Schmidt doesn't really want to be a good person. Not that rabbis in the middle of bar mitzvah classes want to hear this.

Winston ... ummm ...

In "The Box," Winston buys a fancy candelabra. Then he gives it to Schmidt so the guy will feel better.

That's it. Even for Winston, this is a sorry lack of a storyline.

Funny things!!!

"Do you think that I'm a good person?" - Schmidt
"You're a terrible person. It's hilarious." - Nick

"A bank is just a paper bag with fancier walls." - Nick

"My tweets have been extremely literal." - Schmidt, on depression

"Let us rejoice in song!" - Schmidt

"Is it OK to mail cash? I'm going to do it anyway." - Jess

"I make a little money, and you come slipping out of the Woodward!" - Nick

"It's just paper that some king on the mountain said was worth something!" - Nick, on money

"I don't want to do jury duty or pay taxes!" - Nick

"Those are my night peanuts!" - Jess

"Are we ever going to get to the point where you're going to stop working on me?" - Nick

"Have you ever dated two women at once?" - Schmidt, to the rabbi

"I'll do anything for you, Jess." - Nick

"I'm going to process this man's face because I think he's great!" - Jess

"I got beat up by some rabbis." - Schmidt

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