New 'Twin Peaks' footage from David Lynch? Don't get too excited

Reports of new "Twin Peaks" footage to be shot by David Lynch may be exaggerated. Although a casting call claims to be looking for an actress to be in a "Twin Peaks" promo, the show's creator says it isn't happening. posted on Jan. 2 that a "HOT Caucasian girl" with brown or red hair was being sought to play a waitress in a "Twin Peaks" promo. Whatever project this could be, filming was announced to start on Tuesday (Jan. 7).

Theories quickly developed on the Internet that this promo might be part of an upcoming "Twin Peaks" DVD or Blu-Ray edition, expected to include deleted scenes, "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" and more. A release date of March 24, 2014 was given by Bleeding Cool.
Alas, this isn't likely to happen. "Twin Peaks" co-creator Mark Frost responded quickly to the rumors via his Twitter account.

Sorry. But wouldn't it be cool if this were true?

Photo/Video credit: ABC