NFL cheerleader turns MMA fighter: Video of Rachel Wray in action

rachel-wray-nfl-cheerleader-mma-fighter-facebook.jpgLook out, Ronda Rousey, there's a new hot blonde MMA fighter on the scene. She may not have the deadly arm bar -- or any signature move, for that matter -- down yet, but she's getting a lot of attention.

Rachel Wray is transitioning to the world of MMA fighting from the NFL sidelines. That's right, the cute blonde spitfire sporting cornrows in the octagon was, until very recently, dancing on the sidelines for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Wray tells KCMMA she has been a cheerleader and dancer her entire life, and started working out at Title Boxing Club in Kansas City as a way to keep her cheerleader physique tip-top.

"I really enjoyed it and started taking private lessons after a little while," says Rachel. "One day, I came in and they wanted me to spar. I was nervous about someone actually punching me in the face, but I did it."

And the rest, ladies and gentlemen, is history.

Rachel says she was awful when she started out, but the drive for perfection led her to ditch the pom poms for the cage, and she began to double up her training at the MMA gym next to the boxing club. "One thing led to another, and now I feel comfortable enough to compete in the cage," says Wray.

The fighting newbie says striking is her strength, and is hopeful she'll win a handful of fights in the next year. Eventually, Rachel says, she "would like to be good enough to be professional." Do we hear Dana White calling?

Here's some video of Rachel in action:

Photo/Video credit: Facebook / YouTube