Nicki Minaj sued by reclusive musician Clive Tanaka over 'Starships'

nicki-minaj-sued-starships-gi.jpg Nicki Minaj has found herself in some hot water over her 2012 smash hit "Starships," as an electro musician is taking the rapper to court with claims of copyright infringement.

Reclusive musician Clive Tanaka alleges that Minaj used portions of his 2011 song  "Neu Chicago" in "Starships," prompting him to file suit against the former "American Idol" host at U.S. District Court in Chicago on Tuesday (Sept. 10). The Chicago Tribune reports that Tanaka's copyright infringement lawsuit also names the song's producer RedOne, as well as three other writers.

Before filing suit, Tanaka posted a mash-up of the two songs online on SoundCloud so fans could hear the alleged similarities for themselves. His lawyer, Christopher Niro, says, "We believe they are similar to the point that it is nearly impossible for it to be a coincidence."

In his court documents, Tanaka insists that "Neu Chicago" received substantial airplay in both the U.S. and Europe. Niro adds, "They [the defendants] had a very good opportunity to hear it."

Music videos for both songs are below. Take a listen and let us know if you notice any similarities:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images