'Nikita': 12 things to expect from 'All the Way'

Don't be fooled by this lighthearted promo. Big things go down on the Thursday, Dec. 9 episode of "Nikita," and we highly recommend that you don't wait to watch it or else you might get spoiled about what happens.

In "All the Way," Alex ( Lyndsy Fonseca) gets yet another chance at a mission. For a recruit, she sure does get into the field a lot. She's posing as a photographer and the assistant to a wedding planner, but really she's supposed to get to the leader of a crime syndicate. As usual, Nikita ( Maggie Q) helps her from the outside, but the mission is compromised in a surprising way, causing some desperate measures to be taken.

nikita-lyndsy-fonseca-111-320.jpgWe don't want to spoil too much of what will happen, but certain information (and photos) have been released that we feel comfortable teasing a few things now that we've watched our advance screener. For those who'd prefer their viewing experience to remain unsullied, read no further.

What to expect from "All the Way":

  • Michael gives his opinion on women's fashion.
  • Flashbacks of Alex and Nikita pre-Division mole operation.
  • Hmm, that wedding planner looks an awful like Robin Givens.
  • Birkhoff finally earns his keep.
  • Thom is back, looking dapper in a suit and gives Alex a pep talk.
  • Jaden comes on to Thom (again). He rebuffs her (again).
  • Alex gets violent on her mission.
  • Nikita gets inside Division.
  • Amanda is her warm and charming self.
  • Nikita makes a reference to BP.
  • The recruits get a really hard workout.
  • You might feel like crying.


Photo/Video credit: The CW