'Nikita' peek: Devon Sawa kicks Maggie Q's butt

Has "Nikita" met her match?

On the Thursday, Oct. 7 episode titled "The Guardian," an all grown up Devon Sawa ( "Final Destination" ) guest stars as Owen, a Division operative who becomes a fugitive after escaping from a bank robbery.

When Zap2it previously reported Sawa would be dropping by, we heard his skills would be on par with Nikita's. Well, see for yourself in the clip above.

Wow, Nikita. We can't believe you fell for that. Sawa got some major air with that kick. We paused the video a few times, but can't tell what that blue object that fell off next to Nikita's body is. Can you tell?

Apparently, Nikita and Owen run into each other again, and may have more in common than just Division training. Like Nikita, Owen has fallen for someone, Emily ( Bianca Lawson), and that's a no-no in Division land.

Speaking of love ... we hear Alex ( Lyndsy Fonseca) and Thom ( Ashton Holmes) share an intimate moment. How do you Nikita-Michael-Alex shippers feel about that?