Nude museum tours in Australia -- hey, the statues aren't wearing anything either

Torso.jpgIt seems only fair. You go to the museum to see the nude statues. Now you're going to be required to strip at Australia's Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Before you freak out, it's part of an idea from conceptual artist Stuart Ringholt and it's adults only and after hours.

From April 27-29, evening museum-goers will be asked to shed their clothing before touring the galleries of the museum. Ringholt will also be in the buff as he takes visitors around the building. According to the museum's website, this will give viewers a "new perspective" on the MCA exhibitions and will "remove the material barriers between artist and audience."

Ringholt's work tries to shed light on public embarrassment, though if you're willing to get naked in front of a bunch of strangers, that probably isn't an issue for you. Hopefully they wash the benches down in the morning.
Photo/Video credit: Fiona Foley/MCA