Occupy 'SVU': Protesters shut down filming of 'Law & Order' episode

occupy-svu.jpgA group of Occupy Wall Street protesters forced the crew "Law & Order: SVU" to shut down filming of a scene depicting the protests.

The real-life demonstrators flooded the set in downtown Manhattan late Thursday night (Dec. 8), where "SVU" was set to film a protest scene where people would carry signs with slogans such as "End War on Workers" and "Greed No."

"This is not us," protester Drew Hombein tells the New York Daily News. "We are not part of corporate TV America."

Protesters were kept away from the set in Foley Square by about 100 police officers, the Daily News says. Shortly after midnight, police announced that the show's filming permit had been revoked, drawing cheers from the OWS contingent.

An NBC rep says "SVU" producers aren't commenting on the story.
Photo/Video credit: NBC