Olympics 2014: Women's freestlyle skiing moguls results

hannah-kearney-womens-freestyle-skiing-moguls-finals-gi.jpgWarning: Do not keep reading if you'd like to remain spoiler-free for Saturday's (Feb. 8) women's freestyle skiing moguls results. The competition will be featured in NBC's primetime coverage later today.

USA skier Hannah Kearney's hopes of becoming the first freestyle skier to win gold medals in back-to-back Olympics ended when the odds-on favorite earned bronze in Final 3. She placed behind the Dufour-Lapointe sisters of Canada, Justine who took gold and Chloe who won silver, Kearney fell off balance after kicker No. 1 at the 2014 Winter Olympics, which all but sealed her fate.

That said, her bronze medal won't look too shabby at home next to her 2010 Vancouver gold.

If you missed the women's moguls finals live on NBC Sports Network, you can catch the reply during NBC's primetime broadcast of the day's events, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images