'Once Upon a Time': Mulan is gay and in love with Aurora - did you see that coming?

mulan-gay-loves-aurora-once-upon-a-time.jpgSunday's (Oct. 13) "Once Upon a Time" was full of interesting twists, but perhaps none got the internet buzzing more than Mulan almost professing her love for Princess Aurora.

After being advised by Neal to tell the person you love how you feel about him or her before it's too late, Mulan rushed back to Prince Phillip and Aurora -- and we thought she was going to confess her love to Phillip. But she told Aurora she wanted to talk to her, not him. Intriguing!

Unfortunately, before she could declare her love, Aurora told Mulan that she and Phillip are expecting a baby and Mulan didn't have the heart to then throw her own kink in the works, instead choosing to join up with Robin Hood's band of merry men (or merry people, as it were).

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It wasn't something we were expecting from the Disney-owned channel, but looking back, Mulan never did say it was Phillip she was in love with. All the disappointment upon his return could easily have been because now Aurora's love was back.

Kudos to the show and hopefully they will explore that more in further episodes. Star Jennifer Morrison said at New York Comic-Con over the weekend in regards to a same-sex couple: "What I can say to you genuinely is: I think you should keep watching because I think you will see what you want to see."

Hopefully she was not only referring to this past episode, "Quite the Common Fairy."

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Photo/Video credit: ABC