'Once Upon a Time' recap: My Heart Also Belongs To Another

once-upon-a-time-cast.jpgEnchanted Forest: Princess Abigail arrives at King George Charles Widmore's Kingdom. Where the heck is this wedding supposed to take place, anyhow? I thought the unhappy couple are on their way to wed in Midas's kingdom, the first time Snow and Charming meet. How many times have they been back and forth since then? There's no time for that. Charming has taken off. George covers with Abigail, but sends his men off to find Charming and drag him back. Abigail has someone on the inside at George's palace, so already knows he is in love with Snow White. She and her men set off in search of Charming, too. Kathryn is no woman scorned. She's another child being forced into a loveless marriage by a King. She finds Charming and takes him to meet her true love. Frederick is a knight who was accidentally turned to gold, when he saved King Midas from an attack. That's the story, anyhow. The parents in fairy tales so often profoundly suck, that I wouldn't be surprised to someday learn Midas meant to gild Frederick.

Abigail tells Charming there is a legendary lake. Its waters are magical. She thinks it might save Frederick. Since Charming believes Snow White no longer loves him, he tells Abigail he will go get the water for her, so at least one of them will get a happy ending. She warns him that it is too dangerous. No man has ever been able to return with water from the lake. The magical creature who guards it has killed everyone. Charming is not afraid. If he succeeds in his mission, Kathryn will get what she wants -- Frederick. If he fails, he will get what he wants -- release from this unhappy life.

The creature turns out to be a beautiful, blonde siren. She tries to seduce Charming, but he digs brunettes, so it's a no go. So then...s he takes on Snow White's form. Charming is tempted. They kiss, but he refuses to love an illusion. By then, though, he's in the Siren's clutches. She tries to drown him. Charming breaks free and begins to swim for the surface, when he's ensnared by enchanted weeds. The siren moves in on him again.