Oscars 2011: James Franco tweets behind the scenes photos and videos in real time

james-franco-oscars-wig.jpgIn the never ending attempt at appealing towards a younger demographic, Oscar host James Franco took to his newly minted Twitter account to post backstage sneak peeks in real time.

He even created a hashtag for it -- #OscarsRealTime

A lot of the posts are pretty goofy, but some of his backstage videos are actually cool. One of our favorite vids from the night is his last words before taking the stage.

"It might be bad," he tells the camera. Hey, at least he's covering his bases.

He also shoots Anne Hathaway telling all the nominees that there are snacks underneath their seats following the award show. Franco then shouts out to Javier Bardem, "Eat up, Javier."  Not to mention the backstage hand massage he receives from his co-host.

Among some of the pictures posted, he and Hathaway took a brief photo op with presenter Oprah Winfrey.

You can see all of Franco's tweets from behind the scenes (trust us, there are plenty of photos and videos to go around) on his Twitter page.
Photo/Video credit: James Franco