'Parenthood's' Dax Shepard defends 'Expendables' comments: I do not apologize

dax-shepard-kristen-bell-getty.jpg"Parenthood" star Dax Shepard stopped by "Conan" Tuesday (Nov. 12) where he talks about his new baby daughter Lincoln.

"S*** gets real," says Shepard, of having a baby. He also has a unique parenting style that he's going to emulate -- his mother's.

"I had a fantastic -- well, I still have -- a fantastic mother and she was ultra, ultra honest with us and that's going to be my policy," says Shepard.

"This is a real thing that happened -- in second grade on the playground, I heard one kid call another kid a 'butthumper' ... that night at dinner, at the dinner table, I asked my mom 'Is this something people do, they butt hump?' and my mother, without skipping a beat, goes, 'There's a lot of nerve-endings in the anus and some women find it pleasurable and many don't.' And she was right."

He continues, "Everything and anything [I'll say to my kids], barring the morbid stuff like death and nuclear holocaust. ... I'll say grandpa's on vacation."

Shepard also tries to clear up his previous comments about "The Expendables," which sparked a ton of hate-tweets after his last "Conan" appearance.

"I wasn't making fun of them as much as experiencing concern for their tendons," says Shepard, of the aging stars of "The Expendables." "The point I was making is you'll never see them chase a bad guy 'cause they can't."

"I got all these mad, angry like 'Leave Sly alone' tweets! And I thought, 'This is where we've come in this country. I could understand not making fun of minorities or homosexuals or a group that needs to be protected. These are multi-millionaire, Alpha males, ripped-to-the-gills, superhero men that people are defending. It's like if I was making fun of Greek gods and people are like, 'Leave Zeus alone! He's all alone on Olympus, leave him alone!'"

"I was literally making fun of the Terminator and Rambo and people felt the need to protect them from Dax Shepard."

Conan then asks if he apologizes and he says, "Absolutely not, it's absurd."

Heh. Video below, it's delightful.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images