Paris Jackson hates Justin Bieber over 'cut for Bieber' controversy?

Remember when the "Cut for Bieber" trend made its way across the internet? A group of fans who maybe love Justin Bieber too much posted photos of cuts on their arms, hashtagging them "#CutForBieber" to protest the pop singer's alleged drug use.

Bieber never addressed horrifying act and it seems not doing so angered at least one person. TMZ reports  Paris Jackson "hates" Bieber and thinks he is a poor role model for his young fans. A source connected to the Jackson family says she was especially disturbed when Justin didn't reach out to fans who were cutting themselves. She was also angered when photos of the pop singer smoking marijuana were published in January.

Jackson was rushed to the hospital June 5 after a suicide attempt in which she cut herself with a meat cleaver and took several Motrin pills. She's currently in the UCLA Medical Center, but is doing okay.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images