Patricia Medina: '50s film star dead at 92

patricia-medina.jpgPatricia Medina, a British-born actress who entertained audiences in everything from "Francis" (the talking mule) to the Orson Welles crime thriller "Mr. Arkadin," is dead at 92.

The widow of frequent Welles co-star Joseph Cotten, Medina died Saturday in Los Angeles, close friend Meredith Silverbach tells the L.A. Times.

"She was a stunning woman," says Silverbach. "In her youth, they called her 'the most beautiful face in England.'"

Medina got her start in Hollywood with MGM, playing leads in movies like "Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion," "Plunder of the Sun" with Glenn Ford and "Phantom of the Rue Morgue" with Karl Malden. In 1960, she married Cotten -- then a widower -- and the two went on to star in several stage productions together.

"At myriad parties and industry events they were inseparable, among the most popular couples in town," wrote UPI reporter Vernon Scott in 2000. "They represented stability in this socially unstable community."

Cotten died in 1994. In 1998, reports the Telegraph, Medina published the autobiography, "Laid Back in Hollywood: Remembering."

"In England I was nearly always cast as someone of mysterious origin, not too clearly designated but probably from some Southern European country," Medina told the Times in 1947. "Here they decided in my first film, 'The Secret Heart,' that I should be a Yankee. In my second I'm definitely English. It's all rather confusing, I must say."

Photo/Video credit: Archive