'Peg + Cat' makes math fun on PBS Kids

peg-cat-pbs-kids.jpgPBS Kids is launching a new show in October called "Peg + Cat" (the + is pronounced "plus"), which is all about making math fun for kids.

The show features Peg, a role model for girls, who goes on math-based adventures and solves math-based problems with her cat. Creator Billy Aronson teases that the show will incorporate music, some of which was delightfully played for us during the show panel at the 2013 TCA press tour.

"Every show ends with a big music video that teaches a math principle," says Aronson. "There's so much math in music, plus a lot of what we're teaching needs to be repeated over and over again."

Aronson also says that viewers can look for character-driven stories that simply happen to include math.

"We have to have a story we like that teaches math, it's completely integrated with the math," says Aronson, adding that the show features a "Romeo & Juliet" story, a Cleopatra story and a Beethoven story that uses his 5th Symphony to teach math -- "short-short-short lonnnnng."

The show also features a website component, where kids can play games and activities that they've seen on the show. It looks like a lot of fun for pre-school and kindergarten aged children. "Peg + Cat" premieres Monday, Oct. 7 on PBS Kids.
Photo/Video credit: PBS