'Person of Interest' Season 3: Carter makes her move in 'Endgame'


"Person of Interest" finally dealt with its HR problem in a big way in "Endgame." After spending the first part of Season 3 focusing on Carter's singular mission to take down the corrupt cops organization, she made her move on HR in a mission that went off almost entirely without a hitch.

Starting from the bottom up, Carter managed to set up a situation where it looked like the Russians and HR were turning on one another, and then use that against them. But after spending months playing the game by the book, she finally took the Reese and Finch route and enlisted Shaw's help to steal some of Reese's weaponry and use that to make it seem like the two partner organizations were turning on one another.

At that point, it was just a matter of getting all of her ducks in a row. She convinced Peter Yogorov to give her a statement confirming that Alonzo Quinn is the head of HR, and also had her pile of photos that she spent the entire season collecting as proof. Add that to calling the FBI to a scene where HR was about to execute a number of Russian men, thus getting them all arrested, and it seemed like she actually had gotten the mission off flawlessly.

All that was left was to take the head off the beast. Carter proved repeatedly in Season 3 that this is a mission she wanted to complete alone, and she nearly did -- until she called her son Taylor. While "Endgame" functioned as a major plot-driven episode with this HR/Russians storyline, it also served to give some insight into Carter's past. That means it introduced her baby daddy Paul Carter, and showed how she needs to rely on more than just herself in the long run.

Of course, the audience didn't realize that she learned that lesson until after Carter walked into a trap set by Quinn. While Quinn was saying that he should have killed Carter and Beecher at the same time, she secretly had Finch listening in on his phone and recording the conversation. "It's a brave new world, boys. Don't you read the papers? Anyone can listen in on your phone -- even when it's turned off," she says in the most epic line of the season.

Cue Reese and Shaw rushing in to save Carter and take Quinn to the FBI, which seemingly is the only organization they can trust. The episode ended on an uncertain note, as Carter, Shaw, Reese and Quinn escaped, but only after being identified by Patrick Simmons.

There were plenty of loose ends left as "Endgame" came to its conclusion. As Reese noted, there are plenty of dirty cops between them and where they need to go. Could "Person of Interest" really bring down HR not even halfway into Season 3? And what happens if Simmons manages to identify Reese as "the man in the suit"? Considering "Endgame" is the beginning of a three-episode arc, it seems safe to assume that this show is just getting started.

What did you think of "Endgame"? Do you think Carter will manage to successfully take down HR?

Photo/Video credit: CBS