'Project Runway' recap: Makeover Melee

Project-Runway-season-10.jpgThe designers are challenged to create new looks for real people who are the friends of other real people (who nominated them for the makeover). Per usual, most of the designers are MORTIFIED that they are working with normals; except, oddly, for Gunnar. This challenge is perfect for him and his client is even more perfect. She's just a sweet lady who wants to look pretty, which, luck would have it, is exactly who Gunnar's target audience is. Ven is really put off by having to design for a plus-sized client, which is ironic since he is plus-sized. I understand that the genders dress differently, but he dresses himself so why does it seem like such a freaking Sisyphean feat to dress someone else like that? Seriously, he can't stop bitching about it.

Fabio's feeling really confident and he should because his client is adorable. Also, he gets to talk to his boyfriend, Jason, on Skype. The boyfriend is really cute, obviously. We finally get to see him speak and stuff and it's awesome! Nathan's client is looking for something that really verges on vulgar. Tim comes in and advises Gunnar to edit some of the colors that he has intended. Everyone is disappointed and offended by Ven, who talks about how his client has no style or shape. Alicia is working with pink and frilly materials, so she seems a little out of her element.

Maybe the editors are unfurling the Elena Redemption Arc? Even though she's her traditional abrasive self, it's inflected with a lot of humor. She backhandedly compliments Gunnar's design and he just laughs it off. Also, she works really well with her client. The clients come in for a fitting and they've already had their hair make-over. She's still a total animal though. Fabio's model loves his dress when she comes in for her fitting. Ven makes his poor girl feel really fat. It makes EVERYONE uncomfortable. Man, he really can't stop talking about how easy everyone else has it with their skinny models.