'Project Runway's' Nina Garcia defends Michael C., teases something big

nina-garcia-project-runway-320.jpg"Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia knows fashion, but she doesn't always understand designers.

The current crop of "Runway" contestants have baffled her when it comes to one designer in particular: Michael Costello, aka Michael C., aka Other Michael.

Spoiler alert: We mention the results from the most recent episode below.

Costello has been much maligned on the show by other designers for his supposed lack of talent and technical skills, whereas the judges have praised him and awarded him the win for two challenges. So where is this disconnect about his skills coming from?

"I don't know," Garcia tells Zap2it Thursday (Sept. 24). "It's been very interesting to watch this because we only sensed a little bit in the deliberations that they picked on him and threw him under the bus."

During a team challenge, even though Michael C. had immunity, all the other members on his team called him out to the judges as the weakest link, claiming they were spending time helping him get his work up to snuff. His chief critics are Gretchen, Ivy and Andy. Although Mondo was initially Team Everyone Else, he's come around and likes Michael after teaming up with him on a challenge.

michael-costello-project-runway-250x300.jpg"I think he's just a very sweet guy and they've decided to jump on him," Garcia continues. "He really is very sweet. From what I've seen what happens in the work room, it seems that he is not such a good technical sew-er as he is a draper. So I feel like in that sense they've all ganged up on him. But he's done some very beautiful things, Michael."

As of Thursday's (Sept. 24) episode, one of his chief critics is gone. Ivy failed on the high fashion and ready-to-wear combined challenge. It was the second time Michael C., however, had one of the lowest scores.

So besides the Michael C. ostracism and condescension, "Runway" has been teasing something incredibly dramatic coming up. The promos are incredibly cryptic, however, so we can't tell if a designer straight out cheats and steals a design, completely flips out or makes some huge sacrifice.

Garcia isn't really any more specific, but she urges viewers to stay tuned.

"It gets really good," she promises. "It's very soon. It's just a very emotional moment in the show, and it's the first time that something like this has happened. It's a very powerful and a very admirable moment."

Hmm, wouldn't it be poetic justice if it involved Michael C.?

Garcia is also the fashion director at Marie Claire magazine. Check back with Zap2it for more about Garcia's take on fashion and her latest publication, "Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion."

"Project Runway" airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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