'Psych' preview: 'Lost's' Nestor Carbonell debuts as 'Shawn 2.0'

james-roday-.JPGAt long last, it's here. Nestor Carbonell -- aka "Lost's" perma-guy-liner-ed Richard Alpert -- makes his first post-island TV appearance in the September 1 episode of "Pysch," "Shawn 2.0."

And as the title would have you believe, he's playing the upgraded version of Shawn ( James Roday). Does such a thing exist? We can't imagine it does. Carbonell plays Declan Rand, a criminal profiler who teams up with the SBPD to catch a possible serial killer who's offing old people with herbal supplements.

Declan also trumps Shawn in both sleuthing and pop culture references, which, as you can see in this clip, does not go over too well:

He sure seems perfect, but there's got to be something off about him and it looks to be chronic narcissism. Hidden in the corner of one of the episodes stills, in what is presumably Declan's lair, is this giant Warholian portrait:

nestor-carbonell-painting.JPGFor any other character, this would appear to be a red flag in the "probably the killer" department, but probably not this time. Carbonell is already confirmed to reprise his character later in the season.

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Photo credits: USA