'Psych' 'Someone's Got a Woody' GIFs and best lines: 'I have 43 Twitter followers that depend on me'

psych-someones-got-a-woody-shawn-gus-cheese.jpg"Psych" kept the hits coming in Season 8 with "Someone's Got a Woody," which saw coroner Woody Strode ( Kurt Fuller) play a big part in a hostage situation/case, plus Trout ( Anthony Michael Hall) is gone! No more Trout! Do the Shawn and Gus happy dance!

The episode also saw the return of Satchel Gizmo and Soupcan Sam and "Fargo" star Peter Stormare as the "criminal" of the week, Cyrus Polk -- though he turned out to be innocent, at least the murder he was framed for.

We can't wait for Kirsten Nelson to return as Chief Vick, plus Mira Sorvino as new detective Betsy Brannigan. But for now, here are the best lines and GIFs from Wednesday's (Jan. 29) episode.

Best Lines:

Trout: "We all have things to do. Personally, I have to get home in time to watch '2 Broke Girls,' see what kind of pickle they're in this week, right?"

Woody: "I can't die, I have 43 Twitter followers that depend on me. And a daughter."

Shawn: "But Woody's family, man!"
Gus: "Yesterday he called me Darnell."

Shawn: "Do you have your half of the beard?"
Gus: "You know it's in the glove compartment."

Gus: "Shawn, you know the back of my thighs are sensitive."
Shawn: "No, why would I possibly know that?"

Trout: "We all can't marry a winner, honey. Your man-picker was way off on that one. But on a bright note, you do have a nice caboose, so you should bounce back."

Gus: "Why do you always get to be the criminal? I wanna half be offensive too."
Shawn: "What kind of criminal wears slacks and tucks his shirt into his underwear?"
Gus: "A black-collar criminal."

Trout: "Detective O'Hara, when I want your opinion, I'll rent 'Charlie's Angels.'"

Gus: "Since Wilson was murdered, he's due some good luck now, at least that's what math says."
Shawn: "Would you please stop quoting math like it is a person? Next you're going to tell me that math is black."
Gus: "Don't be ridiculous, son. Verb is black."
Shawn: "Verb is not [ pause] verb is black."

Trout: "Oh, and by the way, I never got you two as a couple. Just sayin'."


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