Puppy Bowl IX: The 5 cutest things about the cutest thing on TV. Ever.

puppy-bowl-ix-2013.jpgDid you watch the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3)? For lots of people, it's the best part of the day -- "cuter, and with less concussions," as our husband says.

Here are some cute-lights (in addition to the puppies, of course. They're all too cute for words):

The squad of hedgehog cheerleaders and the hamsters manning the blimp. It's not just dogs and cats anymore, y'all. All sorts of critters are involved. Next year, we demand to see fish and guinea pigs incorporated into the Puppy Bowl.

Meep the Bird was back, live-tweeting the game. Highlights include:

  • FACT: All #PuppyBowl puppies tested NEGATIVE for cuteness enhancing substances.
  • The ref calls a 15 yard penalty for excessive cuteness! One of the longest in #PuppyBowl history #AintNobodyGotTimeForDat
  • Excessive Puppies on the Ref! Talk about a colossal #ClusterFluff! #PuppyBowl
  • And it's #Sally with the first #PuppyBowl touchdown! I'll have what she's having.
  • Nice work #Agatha! You all can't see this but she's doing #GangnamStyle in the #PuppyBowl end zone.
  • So many penalties! And no, he is not a replacement ref. #PuppyBowl

The cool-down tub was a new addition this year, that was a lot of fun.

The referee was tough, but fair: "Excessive cuteness, you two. It's a 10-yard penalty. You know what? It's 15 yards. It's that cute."

The Kitty Cat halftime was adorable as always. We particularly liked a long-haired calico and a fluffy Siamese we spotted. But really, we're all winners when tiny animals are involved.
Photo/Video credit: Animal Planet