Report: 'Chuck' getting more episodes

zacharylevi_chuck_290.jpg"Chuck" could very possibly go on longer than expected this season -- which raises the possibility that it could go on sooner as well.

NBC is in negotiations with Warner Bros. TV, which produces the cult series, about ordering as many as six more episodes of the show, The Wrap reports. That would bring the total for the show's third season from 13 to as many as 19.

How NBC deals with the possible extra episodes -- no deal is in place yet -- is still the big question.

As things stand, NBC is planning to air 13 episodes of "Chuck" starting in March, after promoting the show during the Winter Olympics in February. It probably doesn't make much sense at this point to put the show on the air before the new year -- there's not really time to promote a November return, and viewing tends to go down in December as people prepare for the holidays.

That would leave two options: Bringing "Chuck" back in early 2010 and splitting the season into pre- and post-Olympics blocks or leaving the March premiere date intact and having the show run original episodes into the summer.

Regardless, though, more "Chuck" is a good thing, right? What are your thoughts on the news?

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