Rev. Jesse Jackson attacked after defending Paula Deen

paula-deen-jesse-jackson-defense-attacked.jpg Paula Deen has been making headlines recently, after a deposition revealed her past uses of the n-word. Sponsors have been distancing themselves from Deen left and right, even after she apologized on "Today," but one person has come to her defense -- the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.

Jackson writes on Facebook that Deen should not be the "sacrificial lamb" of racial problems in this country. He adds that if she is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make changes, "she should be reclaimed rather than destroyed."

Jackson further writes, "Paula Deen represents a southern culture crisis but should not be used as a 'gotcha' solution to the deep problems of race disparities, jobs, access to capital and contracts, healthcare, voting and the criminal justice system. She may be a symbol of intolerance, but she is not a sacrificial lamb. Our problems are cultural and institutional."

And the masses on Facebook and Twitter have been quick to criticize Jackson's point of view, calling him a "sell out" and "scumbag" and using profanity in telling him where to go and what to do.

Responses include:

"How much did u charge her for coming out on her side?" -- BrookLyn1825

" With all due respect, sir, it appears that you and other prominent Black leaders have been working in earnest to have the racist misdeeds and bigotry of Paula Deen excused and forgiven rather quickly; with little regard for the decades that she maintained such an attitude and work environment with no thought to change either. Only upon being caught and exposed as the bigot that she is, has Paula Deen, now compelled with millions at stake, shown any remorse. Sir, your position raises concerns as to how far her influence - and that of the corporations that back her - truly goes." -- Steve Thomas

" Malcolm X wouldnt applaud this." -- Jobe Jacobs

Jesse Jackson can kiss my black a**. Paula Deen said she wasn't going to change. I don't owe that b**** s***." -- Ninja Nik

What do you think? Agree with Jackson? Or is he wrong about the Paula Deen situation?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images