'Revenge': Emily's manipulation brings Daniel's dark side back to the surface

revenge-jack-emily-daniel-trial.jpgThis week's episode of "Revenge" time-jumps ahead several months to Daniel's December murder trial -- and a lot has happened to our Hamptons favorites in the interim months. The time at home hasn't been good to Daniel, and when we find him again this week, he's suspicious of Emily, he's drinking again, and he decides that lurking creepily is a good reason to break the conditions of his house arrest.

Seeing Daniel get violent with Emily is jarring to viewers -- particularly when we think back on the pilot and the guy we first met on the boat. He'd had his dark days, yes, but he seemed to be getting his life together when Emily entered the picture. After falling for her, his entire world came crashing down.

She's manipulated him and lied to him, and now he's lashing out at her -- looks like these two may be just plain bad news for each other.

And then there's Jack Porter, who Emily obviously has genuine feelings for. When we reconvene with him, Jack's been away from Long Island -- and away from his brother -- for an extended period of time... but he hasn't gotten rid of his bloody hoodie from the beach. He's still determined to protect Amanda, even if that means incriminating himself.

His devotion to her is impressive, if misguided. Would he love Emily as unconditionally if she came clean about their history?

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Photo/Video credit: ABC