'Rihanna 777': 'A rock star is more of an attitude,' says the singer

Rihanna-777-Tour.jpg Rihanna wanted to do a seven-show tour in seven countries in seven days on a 777 jet and she had the tour filmed to show the fans what it's like to be Rihanna. What was produced is the "Rihanna 777" special that aired on FOX Monday (May 6) -- did you tune in?

The tour kicks off with Rihanna giving her crew and entourage gift bags that includes a small diamond on a string -- so they can't say they've never had a diamond in their lives. And we're off!

Highlights include:

  • Someone on the trip has the Twitter handle "Boobs Radley" -- we can't decide if that's awesome or awful. Probably both. Anyway, Boobs tweets, "Rihanna walked up and down the aisles serving champagne and cognac. Best air hostess ever."
  • The pre-show battle cry goes, "Uno, dos, tres, seven seven seven, Mexico!" or whichever country they're in at the time.
  • In Paris, beleaguered flight attendant says, "I feel great, 'cause I drank a lot of water, so I'm not dehydrated," while Rihanna gets on the plane looking a little unabomber-esque.
  • One journalist wonders, "I don't know if there's ever been the word 'mutiny' on a pop tour, I don't feel like that's ever really come up. Certainly not a chanting, ominous ..."
  • There's a streaker on the plane -- he says they all just needed a laugh.
  • "A rock star is more of an attitude. So even if you make pop music or pop fans love you, they always see you as the rock star because of who you are and how comfortable you are with being that," says Rihanna, of her music.
  • "We all have a connection now that is so strong that we'll never forget. That's the most beautiful thing about it, for me," says one of Rihanna's crew members.

It looked like a pretty crazy week. We aren't sure we could've handled it, but it would've been a wild ride. What did you think, fans?
Photo/Video credit: Internet Fair Use