'Rookie Blue' Season 4, episode 10 - 'You Are Here': Gail makes her call on Andy and Nick

Sometimes, handling one thing yields something bigger.

Such was Oliver's ( Matt Gordon) fortune in mediating a neighborhood domestic dispute in the opening moments of Thursday's (Aug. 22) ABC "Rookie Blue" episode, "You Are Here." After apparently resolving the discord -- which the husband admitted could have been because he "forgot our anniversary" (whoops!) -- Oliver noticed an odd, "super-skunky" smell.

He and partner du jour Gail ( Charlotte Sullivan) then uncovered a "grow-op," or as Sam ( Ben Bass) put it, a house "swimming in illegal marijuana plants." And a smart-alecky young suspect named Chuck ( Doug Smith) was taken into custody and turned over to Chloe ( Priscilla Faia), alias -- at least for this story -- "the booking fairy."

Meanwhile, Andy ( Missy Peregrym) told Nick ( Peter Mooney) her concerns about feeling "sneaky" about their secretive new romance. When he offered to tell his ex Gail about it, Andy insisted on being the one to do so ... "first chance I get." That first of several chances came up soon afterward, but Andy couldn't manage to inform Gail and gave her a huge, somewhat desperate hug instead.

Gail's brother Steve ( Adam MacDonald) accepted Traci's ( Enuka Okuma) decision that she wasn't yet ready to date again. And now reinstated at 15 Division, Chris ( Travis Milne) struggled to readjust, especially since being on desk duty made him feel "like I'm starting all over again." Dov ( Gregory Smith) tried to reassure him that everything was fine.

Oliver then provided a chance for that duo and Sam to have a weekend break, taking them all to a cabin he'd just purchased. They got out just in time, since many of their peers were asked to put in additional hours to help another precinct whose staff largely had been waylaid by food poisoning.

Traci was the detective leading the "grow house" probe, but it turned into more than a case of clearing out plants -- and into her first solo homicide case -- when a man's body was found stuffed inside a container. Asked about the corpse, Chuck was little help to Traci, who brought Chloe (who'd just complained about not being taken seriously) in heading back to the crime scene.

Steve also turned up at the marijuana-laden house, stating he was pursuing the investigation as a Guns and Gangs operation. Traci didn't take being superseded lying down, though, cashing in on a favor with a lab tech to ensure she'd see fingerprint test results first.

Moving the plants gave Andy plenty of time to tell Gail about Nick. Just as she was ready to, Gail suffered a serious wrist burn and had to go to a hospital immediately. After she was treated, the moment of truth seemed to arrive, but a medicinally blissed-out Gail was transfixed on a tiny stuffed elephant, And Andy found their chat delayed yet again.

Oliver's cabin proved in need of plenty of work, extending to a lack of electricity and heat  He maintained an upbeat attitude as he sent Dov and Chris out to find firewood, then told Sam he'd first spotted the place while on an excursion with his alleged-sorceress girlrfiend Celery.

In the woods, Chris fell and hurt his ankle -- and in trying to get back to the cabin, he and Dov realized they were lost. As they sought their way, Chris exploded in frustration over being back in Toronto as a result of unhappy circumstances. And he remembered that after his transfer to Timmins, "Nobody treated me like I was a rookie, because nobody there thought I was one. Including me."

As it happened, Dov felt he was being treated like a rookie, too. Chris didn't want to hear him complain, though, much as Sam didn't want to hear Oliver mope about having a possible midlife crisis. Oliver countered that he'd been watching Sam "mope on the inside" for the past year, prompting Sam to admit he missed having the prospect of a future with ex-girlfriend Andy.

With Gail still feeling and showing the effects of medication, confirmed by her rendering of show tunes, Andy finally blurted out what she'd been unable to tell her all day: "I slept with Nick." And Gail recovered quickly, telling Andy she already knew. Andy wanted to talk about it, but Gail shooed her away.

Another suspect in the marijuana-house murder ( Jonathan Sousa) was brought in by Nick, with a catch: The man seemed to speak only Portuguese. As Traci fretted over getting an interpreter, Chloe proved her worth yet again by revealing she spoke ... guess which language? And once in the interrogation room, Chloe cleverly tricked the man into demonstrating he spoke English after all.

Calling a cell-phone number he provided showed the number to belong to Chuck, who at that moment was being released from custody and heading for the precinct exit. The ringing phone linked both men to the killing, with recovered DNA evidence likely to seal the case.

Upon returning to the cabin, Chris went to work on its yet-unfixed generator, explaining to a surprised Oliver that "you never asked" if he knew how. Newly christened "rock star" Chloe also confirmed she deserved more credit than she'd been given, telling Traci that she spoke such other tongues as Spanish, German and even Swahili.

At the hospital. Andy had waited for Gail to be released, to seek her blessing on the romance with Nick. "You don't have my blessing," Gail replied tearfully, accusing Andy of breaking "the code. You're not supposed to date a friend's ex." And as "my real friend" Holly ( Aliyah O'Brien) showed up to meet her, Gail took pleasure in labeling Andy "the bad guy. You, Miss Perfect."

Though saddened, Andy took that as her cue to do as she pleased, meeting Nick to go to a late movie. And when he asked in the episode's closing seconds what she was thinking, she kissed him and meaningfully said, "I'll tell you in the morning."
Photo/Video credit: ABC