'Rookie Blue' Season 4, Episode 7: 'Friday the 13th' proves eventful

It certainly looked like a scene out of a horror movie, "Psycho" very specifically ... but it was just the start of Thursday's (Aug. 1) "Rookie Blue."

Aptly subtitled "Friday the 13th," the date within the latest episode of the ABC police drama, the hour opened with Chloe ( Priscilla Faia) scared out of her wits by Dov ( Gregory Smith) as she exited a police shower, though he simply wanted to make amends for suspecting her of being bipolar. "I can't keep up with you," she wailed about his ever-shifting feelings toward her.

A casual food-truck conversation between Andy and Sam ( Missy Peregrym, Ben Bass) followed. Her: "How are you?" Him: "You know me." Her: "Sometimes yes, sometimes no." Zing! When he then suggested no one knew him better than her, she replied that maybe his current girlfriend Marlo ( Rachael Ancheril) did.

Cut to Marlo pacing around a psychiatrist's office, where the counselor recalled her patient also having big emotional swings the last time she began a relationship. Marlo countered that Sam "doesn't ask too much of me," then headed out on patrol with Gail ( Charlotte Sullivan), fresh off her breakup with Nick ( Peter Mooney) and colder than usual toward the reason for it: Andy.

Partnered again for the day, Chloe and Dov crossed paths with a self-proclaimed Wiccan and robbery victim named Celery (guest star Emily Hampshire). They were skeptical of the woman, but Oliver ( Matt Gordon) was fascinated by her, making him quite willing to take her case -- even after the alleged thief claimed she had been poisoned by Celery, then collapsed, though it would turn out she'd done it to herself. 

The eerieness was more serious for Gail and Marlo as they discovered a skeleton in the woods, but the situation had an upside in Gail's introduction to Holly (guest star Aliyah O'Brien), a forensic pathologist equally sharp in attitude and repartee. Much conversation ensued when Gail joined Holly at her lab, with the two of them agreeing they didn't like men, but for different reasons. Holly's? "I'm a lesbian." Gail's? "I hate people."

The skeleton turned out to be that of Robbie Roberts, a missing man whose case Sam probed when he first joined the force, accompanied then by his training officer Charlie (guest star Al Sapienza). Certain for the past 10 years that Robbie was killed, Sam revisited his former T.O., along with Traci ( Enuka Okuma). All of them returned to 15 Division -- where an old interrogation tape they watched showed the younger Sam had a hairstyle remarkably like Dov's.

Eventually, with the inadvertent help of Robbie's father -- who had abused his son -- Sam determined Charlie had hit Robbie with his truck ("It was an accident," Charlie pleaded), then dropped the still-alive Robbie in the ravine where the skeleton would be found much later.

"I will walk away," an ethically torn Sam told the panicked Charlie, who responded, "This is what we do. We've got each other's backs." Ultimately, Sam didn't have to make the compromise he was leaning toward, since Charlie came back to the precinct to turn himself in.

Partners Andy and Nick also investigated spooky doings in the tale, theirs prompted by complaints of noise coming from an abandoned building. As wary as Nick was about venturing into the structure's depths, Andy was fearless in moving ahead ... and ultimately, all they found was an old and dusty mannequin, leaving them mortified that they already had called for backup.

Things ended with promise for Dov and Chloe, as he told her she was a "game-changer" for him and they agreed to start dating. Meanwhile, Sam fretted to Marlo about their end-of-day conversations being "always the same," and he began going deeper with her as he spoke of her earlier experiences with Charlie.

"It was an awful day," Sam concluded of this Friday the 13th. But for these cops, there's always the chance for the next day to be better.
Photo/Video credit: ABC