Russell Simmons developing Harriet Tubman project after 'Sex Tape' incident


Russell Simmons is putting his money where his mouth is -- literally. After apologizing for posting a video to his All Def Digital YouTube channel called "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" and then immediately taking it down, he is now apparently developing a project based around the life of the civil rights activist.

"God works in mysterious ways.. not common knowledge but my children are direct descendants of fredrick douglas," Simmons tweets. "I recently moved to hollywood I have began producing lots of content one of the things is a miniseries on Fredrick Douglas ... The last few dayz I have been speaking to some of the direct descendants of Harriet Tubman. (Rita and Geraldine Daniels). ... They have not only accepted my apology but we agree that we should begin immediately to develop the story of Harriet Tubman."

He continues, "God works in mysterious ways. Thank you Rita and Geraldine Daniels You and your great great grandmother are amazing inspiration. #newfriends ... All the great spiritual teachers taught this same truth: no matter what uve done or where uve been, every single one of us can change. ... You can never tell from what direction your gift will be coming, so you must stay open to all possibilities."

For her part, Rita Daniels seemingly confirmed the news. "We thank you for accepting responsibility for the video...... We're moving towards the right direction #newfriend," she tweets.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images