Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Lesbian' to turn true story into big screen comedy

sacha-baron-cohen-gi.jpgSacha Baron Cohen is taking a page out of the "Law & Order" playbook and developing an outrageous comedy entitled "The Lesbian" that's ripped from the headlines.

The film, which Variety reports will be a starring vehicle for Cohen, is inspired by Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao's offer of a $65 million reward to any man able to successfully woo and marry his lesbian daughter. Worldwide reports of the bizarre true story emerged last week. Chao's daughter, Gigi Chao, told The Associated Press that she's not upset with her father, and she and her longtime girlfriend recently had their relationship "blessed" in a French church.

From his days on "Da Ali G Show" to last summer's "The Dictator," Cohen is known for mining comedy from hot-button topics and social issues. It may be awhile before audiences see "The Lesbian" on screen, there are no writers currently attached.

Cohen will next be seen in a supporting role in the musical "Les Miserables," due for release December 25.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images