Sarah Palin to be a grandma again; son Track and wife Britta expecting

britta-hanson-track-palin-pregnant.jpgPolitical candidate and reality TV star Sarah Palin is going to be a grandmother again, reports Gawker. The celebrity blog had heard rumors, which were confirmed when a Wasilla friend of the Palins posted pictures to Facebook from the wedding show, one of which is above.

Sarah Palin's oldest son Track, 22, married Britta Hanson two months ago and now the couple is set to give the Palins grandchild no. 2 ( Bristol Palin's baby Tripp with Levi Johnston was grandchild no. 1).

Interestingly, Bristol became pregnant as an unwed teenager and now campaigns against premarital sex and preaches abstinence. Sarah Palin routinely advocates abstinence-only sex education. Yet new daughter-in-law Britta looks more than two months along.

Just sayin'.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook (via Gawker), Getty Images