Sasha and Malia Obama pics banned by White House: Secret Service stops paparazzi photos

sasha-malia-obama-michelle-barack.jpgWhile Sasha and Malia Obama, President Barack Obama's 14- and 11-year-old daughters, were vacationing in Hawaii over the holidays, a photographer snapped paparazzi photos of the bathing-suit clad girls on a beach. The paparazzo had been waiting around for Jessica Simpson to emerge from her beach house in Kailua Beach when he happened upon the first family, who was staying in a neighboring property to Simpson.

According to Celebuzz, after the photographer took the pics, agents from the United States Secret Service came over and asked him for ID. They didn't confiscate his camera, but they did monitor his agency for the images.

"When he sent the photographs out via the agency's wire, he received a letter, on a White House letterhead, requesting that the images not be released," a source says, indicating that the note was from the White House Press Office. "It stated that Sasha and Malia's privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday."

Media outlets have agreed to the White House terms and aren't running the photos, respecting the privacy of the President's young daughters. It's not unusual for children of sitting Presidents to steer clear of too much media coverage; it's common practice for a president's kids to give no interviews while their father is in the White House.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images