'Saturday Night Live': January Jones is no Taylor Swift

januaryjones_snl.jpgAfter musician Taylor Swift brought "Saturday Night Live" to a surprising, hilarious season high the previous week, actress January Jones had less success bringing the humor to that level on Nov. 14.

Jones still doesn't seem quite comfortable with comedy. Not exactly the best way to prove your acting chops to unsupportive ex-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. Perhaps it wasn't Jones who was at fault, but the writers who didn't quite know what to do with her.

Nevertheless, the "Mad Men" actress had a few highlights that mainly played off her very outwardly proper Betty Draper character. And of course, she looked gorgeous.

The best by far was the "Ladies' Guide to Party Planning" skit, a period piece spoof that poked at the veneer of propriety that veiled other problems. Check it out:

The rather uninspired opening monologue placed Jones as the straight man, whilst cast members played "Mad Mennies" -- extreme fans of "Mad Men." Nice shout out by Fred Armisen to Peggy, the character played by his wife, Elisabeth Moss.

One of the worst skits featured Jones as Grace Kelly, on the set of the Alfred Hitchcock film "Rear Window." Warning, the sketch is a real stinker!

Finally, this simple little sketch sort of summed up our feelings about her performance in general on Saturday. She really wasn't bringing a whole bunch to the table comedy-wise, but was a good sport and sure was purty.

Bring back Taylor Swift! Or better yet, get Justin Timberlake back!

Your thoughts? Did you think Jones did better than we gave her credit for?

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