'Saturday Night Live': Jennifer Lopez in 'Besos y Lagrimas,' plus Betty White (sort of)

jennifer-lopez-snl-320.jpgJennifer Lopez didn't sing (or joke) about her Louboutins on "Saturday Night Live," but she did turn in a pretty strong stint as host. As musical guest? Well ...

Oh, and Betty White got on the show, in a manner of speaking.

Lopez took part in the show's cold open, which acknowledged the, uh, less than stellar quality of the remade "We Are the World" that's raising money for earthquake victims in Haiti. Lopez (playing Rihanna), Kristen Wiig (Gwen Stefani), Andy Samberg (Josh Groban) and the rest of the cast called out the liberal use of Auto-Tune on the vocals, Vince Vaughn's random presence and more. It was a good -- and relatively concise -- way to open the show.

As for White -- the subject of a fan campaign to have her host the show -- she made a cameo in the digital short, a completely goofy but infectious bit called "Flags of the World." The golden girl's face appeared on the We Love Betty White flag, so at least Samberg is paying attention to the Internets. (And I absolutely have the "Flags" song stuck in my head. I suspect I'll be randomly saying "neo-Nazi Potsie flag" for the next few days.)

The early part of the show had a couple of lame sketches -- another one-note ESPN Classic sketch with Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte and Lopez facing Wiig and Bill Hader's "Hollywood Dish" hosts -- but throughout the episode Lopez reminded us that she can be a pretty strong comic actress.

We can't really say the same for her musical performances though. Randy Jackson would've called it pitchy, dawg.

Most unusual on this week's "SNL"? The number of quality sketches after "Weekend Update," including another installment of "Besos y Lagrimas" ("Kisses and Tears"), the show's telenovela parody with Wiig, Fred Armisen and, this time, Lopez as an amorous but conflicted nun. (Christina Aguilera and Antonio Banderas have done "Besos" sketches" in the past.)

The Smash Mouth sketch, with a little girl afraid of the 1990s band coming out of her closet to sing "All Star," and the "Car Horns and More" bit with Jenny Slate (reprising her "Doorbells and More" saleswoman) and Lopez, were both funnier than they had any right to be.

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