Selena Gomez's first perfume ad launches: It's pink and purple and wet

selena-gomez-perfume.jpg Selena Gomez is new to the world of fragrance, but the campaign for her namesake perfume is getting underway with the launch of the first official ad for her scent. In it, Gomez appears half-submerged in a pink and purple liquid, sporting wet hair and a clingy strapless Maria Lucia Hohan gown.

"The water is actually lit from underneath, so it made it look pink and purple, like the colors of the bottle," Gomez tells People. "I wanted it to look like I was swimming in my fragrance."

Mission accomplished.

During the ad campaign photo shoot at Hollywood's Smashbox Studios, the 19-year-old Gomez told Zap2it about the inspiration for the bottle's design -- which mirrors her gown.

"I wanted it to be tall," she says. "I like the fact that it stands out because when I have my perfumes, I always go to the ones that are tallest in the morning. And the design of the bottle is almost like a gown in a way, so it represents me on the carpet. And the lips are fun. They're youthful. You can play with it. I get bored and play with things."
Photo/Video credit: Selena Gomez Perfumes