'Sherlock' romance: Shipping Johnlock in video, GIFs and art for Season 3

"Sherlock" may be a serious mystery program with two friends, Sherlock Holmes ( Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson ( Martin Freeman), solving the most complicated crimes. But that hasn't stopped fans from imagining a romantic relationship -- Johnlock -- between the men.

Let's celebrate the shipping and the fans that make it astounding with some of the best romance art.

Naturally, Holmes and Watson are perfect characters to grace the cover of a romance novel.

sherlock-shipping-johnlock-bodice-ripper-romance-novel-cover-tumblr.jpgA simpler theme shows the men holding hands (from moriartyhasthephonebox).

sherlock-shipping-johnlock-john-hands-sketch.jpgWhere does the Johnlock ship come from? Here is a collection (compiled by KT Nelson) from the first two seasons.

Poor Watson is lonely without his Sherlock (from Imtooweirdtoorare).

sherlock-shipping-johnlock-shadow-love.jpgIt's not like Sherlock would know how to process any feelings he did have toward Watson.

sherlock-shipping-johnlock-feelings-cumberbatch.gif"Our Love Would Be Legendary" pretty much says it all in a video from Pepper-Jane Productions.

Would Sherlock and Watson make good fairytale characters? Judge for yourself (from Cdlafere).

sherlock-shipping-johnlock-snow-white.jpgFinally, the best way to ship a couple that's not openly romantic is by using dramatic editing. Devin Verhulst did just that with "'No Light, No Light' JohnLock."

Photo/Video credit: PBS, BBC, YouTube, Tumblr