'Showville' premiere: Blaine is the stool capital of the world

showville-premiere-amc-2.jpgAMC debuted a new reality show Thursday (May 23) called "Showville." The theme song should tell you all you need to know:

"All across America there's people who should be famous. And now they're gonna get that chance to show us, entertain us. Each week a new town we go to, a dentist, farmer, could be you."

Alec and Lisette are performance coaches who travel to small towns and find people to perform in a talent show, after being given coaching from the said performance coaches. The acts they find are ... creative, certainly.

The first episode took us to Holland, Mich. and it made us think of "America's Got Talent" meets "Waiting for Guffman." There's a man named Doug who sings about the "mime in [his] head" and married couple Randy and Darlene -- Randy works in pest control -- who play the Irish pennywhistles.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Each episode is capped off with the actual talent show that the chosen acts perform for the townspeople. The audience votes for a winner and that act receives $10,000 and a trophy.

The premiere episode talent show was pretty hilarious -- the acts gave it 110%, with Maciek the magician taking home the prize. Randy of the pennywhistles said it was well deserved, as Maciek is "a peach of a guy."

Will you be returning to Showville?
Photo/Video credit: AMC