'Sister Wives' finale: A commitment ceremony and a look back

sister-wives-season-4-finale-commitment-ceremony.jpg"Sister Wives" concluded its fourth season Sunday (Feb. 23) with a commitment ceremony that featured all 22 members of the Brown family and dozens of their family and friends.

The idea of the ceremony was to reaffirm their commitment to not being just one man with four wives, but one complete family. It's been in the works since they were finally able to move to the end of a cul-de-sac where all four wives could be close together.

Any wedding or vow renewal ceremony has its bumps and snafus, can you imagine how it is with one groom, four brides, 17 children and 7000 pieces of food? The best snafu is that Janelle keeps loosing weight, so her dress keeps having to be taken in. We have to commend her -- she looks fabulous and obviously feels great about what she's done so far.

The ceremony goes off more or less without a hitch. After reading the family mission statement aloud and then having everybody sign a copy that will eventually be framed, the family plants a tree and then the teenage children surprise their parents by doing a special presentation of what they appreciate about and have learned from their parents.

Then it's time to party! There's a band and dancing, everybody cuts loose. But the episode ends with the adults saying in a group interview that they constantly have to keep working on their marriage and family.

The second hour of the finale was a reunion special hosted by Tamron Hall, with the adults talking about all the things that happened this past season -- Mariah leaving Meri as the first empty-nester, Truely's medical scare when her kidneys shut down, the mother-in-law invasion on Mother's Day and more.

It was interesting to listen to them dissect both the dramatic and comedic things that happened this season, though no mention is made of Season 5. TLC hasn't announced officially that the show will return, but the network is launching "My Five Wives," a new show about a plural marriage family, so it seems likely "Sister Wives" will be back.
Photo/Video credit: TLC