Snoopzilla tells 'Conan' he vaporizes 'kush' to free up his mind

There were some delightful moments during Snoop's appearance on "Conan" Monday (Dec. 9), including the above video where the rapper gives host Conan O'Brien a vaporizer and says his favorite scent to vaporize is "kush," which is a strain of marijuana. Surprising, right?

Here are some other highlights:

  • Snoop says he was recently given a star on the Russian version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are only three stars so far -- Snoop, Sylvester Stallone and Paris Hilton, which is hilarious. That's some good company right there.
  • The new name change is "Snoopzilla," and he's there to promote "7 Days of Funk," a new studio album with Snoop and Dam-Funk. It's out Tuesday (Dec. 10).
  • Snoop also has a new company, Dog for Dog, which donates bags of dog food to shelters when you buy their dog food. It's a way to help keep dogs alive in shelters that have trouble feeding them all. "The food is real good. I haven't tasted it," laughs Snoop. "But when I brought that home, I popped the top and [mimes his dog going nuts]."

Later, Snoop and Dam-Funk performed a song off the album, "Faden Away" -- video below.

Photo/Video credit: TBS